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Jesse thought that there would be no one who could compete with him in the first grade, and he hadn't shown true strength for a whole year ..

Their weapons were made by A Zhai, wearing a limiter, unable to exert their power, and ordinary weapons could not deal with A Zhai, even A Zhai couldn't figure out how they would deal with himself ..


In the evening, Abe took a hundred students to the ship's weapons storehouse to pick up equipment, most of whom chose Class C weapons, and about a dozen people chose Class B weapons ..


Unexpectedly, the appraiser was not in a hurry to hear Azhai's question, but calmed down and took out a box ..

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It is unreasonable for A Zhai to ask Lott to check immediately, let alone let him participate in a personal battle in a week ..

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The shouts of one after another sounded, and the teachers present did not know the news, such as being struck by lightning, and did not know where to complain ..

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Who gave you the courage to question me Carlos, of course, thinks Ah Zhai is on Barry's side ..