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In the long run, creating a fairer and more upright business environment to sort out the relationship between officials and businessmen will also be of great help to the economic development of the dynasty .


There was already a hint of joy on Luo Mengli's face, and she went around and she didn't expect that she would contact Da Gan again .

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But now that Qian Yuan said this, although he was heartbroken, he couldn't refute Dagan's brilliant record along the way .

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The Qi court was completely held up by public opinion. If Qi King Jiang Shan still ordered Qi's army to deal with the major army at this time, it would likely cause a mutiny in the army .


In contrast, True Monarch Wanhua was very open and said that he would still make the same choice again .

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A large number of food and supplies consumed for every day of delay in the war that a hundred thousand troops hang alone overseas and cannot supply them locally .

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The area between the two temple covers an area of about three acres dotted with many institutions such as the central office of the prime minister and the Book of Taiwan, such as the Supervising Council through the Chief Secretary Hirofumi Museum Yamen Hong Historica Jixian temple and so on .

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The King of Chu Xiongshen went on to say that there is a Yin God Venerable who sits in town and is far away from Dongsheng Shenzhou's local leaders .

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With a brush, Qing Lingzi retracted the flying sword and once again the sword light split to the black balls one by one.At the same time, the hand pinching the magic art instantly laid three protective formations around his body .