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One person cursed and violently pulled the rope on Bai Xiaochen's body but didn't notice that her low eyes were full of ecstasy .

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Ahu's simple and honest voice sounded in the front. His huge body and a certain degree of hard qigong were actually born in the dense forest and pressed out a path .

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I don't know what kind of metal was used to make this knife. The weight is a bit too heavy, but it is not very sharp but strong enough.At least Guo Ke tried all the methods that can be tried so far, but the shape of this knife has not been damaged .

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Li Yu, who returned to his seat, still looked ugly and rolled his eyes a few times. He smiled and turned his head to mutter to Sun Liangchen .

Two bare-handed men rushed up, their bodies suddenly lifted off the ground and hit the wall heavily, and immediately sparks and lightning twitched off the wall .

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    The little boy pursed his mouth with a look of fear in his eyes. The little hand made a gesture on his liver. The doctor said that I have a worm in it that needs to be taken out .

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    Zhou Pingyuan, don't worry about it. Maybe you really have some problems with your body. That's right, Guo Ke, but the doctor who can sit alone in the consultation will let him see your condition .

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    The voice from the other side was anxious for a while before a panting voice came. I got a message about human traffickers, but it's not yet certain when I will notify you when I confirm it .

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