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It is not difficult to understand that the practice books and various methods he has seen in the past two years are ten times more insight, knowledge and understanding of the path of practice than the precious scriptures he has seen in his previous life. It has also deepened a lot. Now, when I look at other classics, my understanding of the changes in supernatural power has become faster than before .

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The tribe was killed when the third Demon Abyss came. He hid in the dark abyss at the age of ten years old. He lived by eating the corpses of the tribe for half a year before he was discovered. After that, he began to practice his life because of his talent. The impermanence and cruelty are boundless in order to improve the cultivation level, and do not refine the soul pill, seize the immortal method, and even throw away the wife and kill the child at the end .

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There seems to be a first-order difference between Yuan Ying and Jin Dan, and it is inevitable that Fang Yuan’s cultivation base is bound to be born. To a certain extent, his position in the spiritual world is even more important in the eyes of others than ordinary Yuan Ying. It is high, but he is not the Nascent Soul after all.The understanding of supernatural powers and the laws of heaven and earth are not in the same realm, which is the biggest difference in itself .

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Sitting in the cabin, the special terrain and mountains that I had heard from this inn were turned into lines and recorded on a pair of scrolls. At this time, you can faintly see the chaos on the scrolls. At this time, the curve gradually became clearer, and it became more and more like a map that coincides with the surrounding mountains and straight into the depths of the snowy field .

After speaking, he left the study and waved his hand. The inkstone on the book case flew down against the wind and became heavy. Fang Yuan flew straight to Wencang Mountain where Langya Pavilion is located. Then Wencang Mountain is adjacent to Wendao Mountain, and facing each other in the distance. Outside is Chishui Danxi Qingfeng Formation Courtyard, etc., surrounded by three major academies, and Langya Pavilion is located in the deep forest of Wencang Mountain .

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    So after a few more days, Fang Yuan is still practicing swords every day, but he is a little uneasy and has been thinking about this person's affairs. After the 7th, the food in the sword house has been cut off, so he will go hunting the snow beasts again. Just prepared. Seeing the white cat running quickly in the snow, a snow rhinoceros that was dozens of times larger than it rushed over against the snow wind and heavy snow .

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    Green carp and Suzaku greeted the two great gods at the same time, holding their swords and not dying, Liu Lei Ling turned into thousands of willows entwined with thunder light, and flew forward like spirit snakes. In front of the old man .

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    Elder Qin sighed and said that in the immortal gate, there are more tedious things that are not just about cultivation, but they can't be generalized. Just like Elder Xiao, he is actually not too wrong, but he is cold by nature and dislikes vulgar things. But this time, he ended up. The result of a broken Taoist cultivation base is that the old man is actually a little unbearable .

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