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Hunyuan Golden Immortal has reached the greatest level of comprehension of a law. At least 90% of the comprehension of a law has infinitely approached the high-level realm where one law can be used for all methods .

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But in Li Tiansheng's eyes, no matter how large the number is, it can only make him look serious and can only send food .

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The fifth-generation Buddhist monk named Sanzang did good deeds in his life, and finally, in order to eliminate the locust plague, he used his body to feed the locust demons and the physical mortal high moral wisdom to make people remember the fifth generation of Sanzang .

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The implied sword intent made Tathagata Buddha's heart jump for a while, he had no doubt that if he dared to take one step forward, the sword would be slashed .

A baby who was tragically abandoned at birth was born in the wilderness and thought that he would be killed by ferocious beasts in the mountains. Unexpectedly, the baby was not only not dead but was also raised by a tigress that had just given birth .

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    What is the fierce beast in this mural, I have been in the path for millions of years, and I believe that I am not a weak one among the great lords. Just looking at it makes me feel a kind of shock .

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    The air fortune accumulated over the centuries was abruptly divided by Buddhism by one-third, let alone the air fortune that Buddhism searched in Nanzhan Buzhou .

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    In addition, the group of Hunyuan in the West Journey period must have been forced to spend time and it is not the time to meet them at this moment .

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