Jing Jiu still closed his eyes tightly and did not open his eyes when the sound of the clashing of his fingers and the armrest became a long sound ..

Needless to say, Merlin can probably guess that he escaped from the royal city and wandered all over the world. Because he killed the female family members of the noble family, he was wanted. He didn't dare to go to the place where people gathered. Finally, he was poor and hungry. I was urged to save ..




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Video thumbnail has a link to another HTML page. Categories do not needShen Qingshan went on to say that I really want to know the answer to this question, but most cultivators feel that I am humiliating them so that they have to do a game, so they die. I wonder if they really want to kill everyone's faces. Become more exciting ..


You may need TemplateMo for a quick chat or send an email if you have any question about this CSS template. Who would have thought that after the failure of the Outer-Fog Galaxy for hundreds of millions of years, his temperament hadn't escaped, and he would have stayed quietly ..

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The black stele is quietly suspended in countless rubbles, no longer as silent as it once was, and more like a dead thing ..


However, the ghost press is only a superstition after all.In fact, it is just an instinctive behavior produced by the overworked body for self-preservation. It will naturally be relieved after a while ..

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The actions of these two black shadows seemed to send some kind of signal to the three people behind Merlin to follow the passerby in front and turn to block the road. It turned out that the pedestrians around were all pretending to be ..


Later, Merlin learned that there really is such a behavior in the magic world, and he was more careful to hide the fact that he passed through.Otherwise, the name of a reborn old monster is indispensable, and this kind of person is hunted and killed by everyone in the magic world ..

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For example, a simple heavy chopping action, Merlin, when swinging the sword downwards, also needs to divide a part of his attention to control the frequency of breathing so that the breathing becomes rapid, stimulating the flow of blood and increasing the power of the sword by a few points ..


Yushan was a little embarrassed to say that the ordinary talents of Yuanqu and I were so lucky that we should have lost the battle against the seniors ..

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Ah Da knew that the critical moment had arrived and did not hesitate to turn around and enter the study and closed the door with a kick with his back foot ..


This Wuwen Taoist and Master Yun are generally very famous ascenders on the Chaotian Continent. The most famous deed is the sword slashing of Nanying ..