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On this day, after completing the handover with Xue Rengui, the newly appointed leader of the Haotian Corps, Prince Qian Yun immediately returned to Shendu to take up a post at the next station ..


In the past year, with the support of the Half-Demon Alliance and massive funds, Heiyiwei has completed a new round of crazy expansion, spreading its tentacles across the human nations ..

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Tens of thousands of years of penance have also used Yu Yutian and other great worlds' merits to bless Qianyuan's cultivation base and steadily move forward one by one through the decline of the original spirit and the decline of life ..

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Guo Jia considered that it is best to have Bei Di Guo participate in it, but the Weichen worried that the Bei Di King would not agree to such a harsh condition ..

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The king said that Qi is an ally of Chu, but as far as I know, Qi has neither sent troops to support Chu nor provided any strategic material support ..


Since the merger, under the joint efforts of the Liusi Yamen and the prefectural Yamen, the people of Liusha County have truly felt the benefits of living under the rule of King Qin ..

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Qian Yuan was surprised and inexplicably still wondering why the system did not issue task 5 rewards, but the system that had been with him for more than 10,000 years was coming to an end ..


Just like this discussion, apart from the Taiyuan real person, only the Taixuzong head Xuan Zhenzi and the elder Huo Yunzi formed a decision-making group ..

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The real person Akahu, who was fleeing, suddenly felt an extremely dangerous aura coming from behind, bursting his scalp and subconsciously turning Immortal Sword Sword to greet him ..

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However, the size of the two cities of Zhushan and Zhuoguang is already the limit to accommodate a Yantian Corps . No more troops can be sent ..


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