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The young man sitting on the lotus leaf slowly turned his head to look at Fang Yuan, who had jumped from the silver shuttle, with a slightly surprised look, staying on Fang Yuan’s face for a moment, and then whispering, but the wave of monsters just now You just rushed to the north, and you came from the north. You must have collided with the group of monsters head-on against the group of monsters that you don't know how to escape .

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First, he was about to worship the Sect Master of the Qingyang Sect and then went to the Yunfu Palace to build the foundation.It was a step to the sky, but he was beaten to the dark prison for killing the monsters in the cloud .

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Twenty miles to the east, the gray-haired old man among the privates in a remote village is leading a group of young children to study. He seems to be so dim-eyed that there are children below who are lazy and dozing off, but he just shakes his head and shook his head .

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The disciple Yuan of Baihua Valley is extremely terrible. His cultivation level is even stronger than that of Zhuji. I don’t know how he did it. What’s even more terrifying is that now he really seems to be crazy when facing the fairy disciple. Kill .

Even if the age is not enough for the immortal door to focus on cultivation, you can leave the immortal door and set up a family to become a superior immortal master, and then continue to think of ways to accompany your younger generations. Although it may not be possible to cultivate some Tianjiao Daozi, at least it is yourself. There is no problem with a family Fukuzawa extending his happiness for hundreds of years .

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    But before this thought had passed, he had followed the immortal disciples who had fled to turn a mountain peak, and then looked up to see the whole person and was suddenly shocked that it was the mysterious valley that he had inherited .

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    That is a vicious method in the world of cultivation that can refine people into their own slaves and become someone else's existence similar to puppets.It is better to say that they are slaves than puppets, and even their own gods have disappeared .

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    Lu Qingguan was very indifferent to this but waved his hand gently and smiled and said that in this Demon Breath Lake, I also did a little bit, but I was seen by the same sect. This time the fairy gate will be an ordinary disciple from the five great fairy gates. I chose more than ten people to give the opportunity to build foundations. The elders have come and told me that there is one of them, but I don’t have to waste this opportunity, Brother Fang Yuan. From my current sense, I can see that your cultivation level has been reached. The peak of Qi training may also need to be used .

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