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And with this skyrocketing momentum, both his speed and the power of the sword are constantly soaring, like a volcanic eruption that has accumulated ten thousand years of power. Once it breaks, the magma will be level with the sky and rush to the clouds. On ..

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Conquer is free HTML5 template by templatemoJust when Fang Yuan was in a daze, he suddenly heard a voice that was frightened. He was taken aback and hurriedly opened his eyes and saw it. There was a little head in front of him that was less than a punch. After looking at herself and calming down, she realized that it was Luo Feiling who had just ran out. She didn't even notice when she came back ..

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Credit goes to 刺心之世事无常The true story of Long Yinfeng Meng Huanzhen appeared outside the Bahuang Yuntai and rushed into the air with a loud shout ..

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And the true story of Xuanjian Sect from above, Qin Wuzheng, had already yelled, and his figure suddenly rose to the sky. The ancient dragon-printed sword beside him swiftly flew forward and rushed forward with him. When he left, his figure flew faster and faster, and the sword also flew faster and faster, and then in the middle of the journey, he and the sword had accumulated enough momentum to take advantage of the trend and grab a sword ..


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