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It is for my brother to use. After my brother and the Bardren-Dragon are united, they can activate the node locator to leave a position for the material boundary to be crossed by running the crystal white track ..


Now that the task has mapped out the distribution of the islands of the Flame Islands, the next step is to start the territory relocation, systematically transfer the industries and population of the Flame Islands for the development of the Flame Islands, please turn the original camp of Xinhuo into Xinhuo Town ..

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The shining colorful luster of the Time Diamond is very peculiar. It can't be stimulated with vindictiveness. When the magic power is close to its surface, it will slowly dissipate ..

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The indestructible metal of Orichalcum looks a bit similar to gold but has a brighter color. Normal casting methods cannot forge Orichalcum ..

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The purpose of his bringing Ethan is more to deepen the soul imprint so that Ethan can practice together with Emily as soon as possible ..


The retreat distance was nearly one kilometer away, and he took out the telescope to open the Jingbai vision and stared at the place where Ake was standing ..

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The bone dragon with a wingspan of sixty meters and a length of sixty-five meters was shining with blue light, and the dragon's teeth were like the glowing sun, and the dragon's eyes burned with two blue fires ..


Raising the magic level of the caster Liszt raised his brows, and you mean that if you release Magic Charlie, you can raise your high magic level magic to a super magic level ..

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However, if you don't accumulate steps, you can't accumulate a thousand miles, and you can always expand the Burning Legion into a powerful guarding force of the Flame Family ..

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Because at this point in time, the envoys of the Iron Ridge Kingdom finally arrived. The envoys of the blast furnace fort kingdom and the envoys of the blast furnace fort. The envoys of the blast furnace fort were riding on three huge intermediate dragon beasts, floating giant rays. It's like a flying saucer with a tail ..


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