Ning Chen respectfully bowed to the person in front of him. Master Dao has a sentence, I hope Master can put it in his heart. The war between the Primordial Demon Realm and the outer heavens must not start, otherwise not only the Human Race but even the Primitive Demon Realm will be robbed. I think Master also didn't want to see this scene ..

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The generation of the fox family, the bloodline of the emperor that the fox goddess would not be able to appear for thousands of years, actually appeared two really incredible ..

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In the hall, Ning Chen saw the figure in front of him waving his hand and putting away the table. Yan Wang calmly said that Shi Yu was late at night and went to rest ..

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Thousands of people in the imperial city are watching the huge bronze chariot as large as Kunpeng passing from the sky to the east ..

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After not seeing him in just a few months, he has already entered the kingdom of kings.There is nothing in the world for nothing.Xu Yao can enter the kingdom of kings in such a short period of time. You can imagine what an amazing price he has paid ..

The confrontation between the power of the blood qi against the heavenly book and the desire to poison caused intense pain, Ning Chen groaned in his mouth, but the sharp impact of the intense pain made the consciousness briefly clear ..

Xuanzang got up and picked up the teacup and looked at the person in front of him with a serious face and respected his thirteen brothers with tea instead of wine. Starting today, the two brothers and you have formally formed an alliance to advance and retreat together ..

Thinking of this, Hong Yuan's eyes swept across the entire Heavenly Demon Pool for a moment and then retracted his gaze without seeing any abnormalities ..

Peacock calmly said that he is the future lord of the gods, then he must surpass everyone. In the future, his opponents will not be the younger generation but the kings and emperors of the hundred races, no matter how many kings and emperors of the hundred races have been born no matter how many years he has cultivated. It is an indisputable fact that the match of the peacock is the lord of the world who can put down the war, otherwise, what is the meaning of my existence ..


The emperor is rare, even in this primitive demon realm. Dao Guo is extremely rare to prove that no new emperor has appeared in the primitive demon realm for thousands of years ..

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The battles and killings in the pure land of the golden lion clan ruled by the Western Sanctuary gradually became much less. Ning Chen walked all the way to the center of the sanctuary ..

The infinite vitality was as strong as the origin of the god of the furnace, the god tree, which was submerged in the heart of the demon emperor, and immediately trembled fiercely, like the power of the god tree of the god swallowing crazily like a long drought and the rain ..


The peculiar knowledge of the Moon-Waiting Clan reproduces Ning Chen flipping his palm over a large waterfall to lift the sky, and the world's shocking ability to sweep the eight wastes is overwhelming ..

It is rumored that this time among the Hundred Races of Tianjiao, there are already strong talents who have entered the Red Dust Realm, and they are very likely to become another emperor in this world in the future ..

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The highest combat experience in the world, the two of them are rare in the past and the present, and they have shown their peerless style ..


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The air waves of the double-powered confrontation suddenly shook a series of runes in the Jingwu Arena to block the aftermath of the battle to prevent injuring the audience ..

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At this moment, a devilish energy surged in the void, a majestic and domineering figure walked out of thin air and looked at the miserable sight below .!