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As soon as the mouse and Zhang Mazi walked outside, they saw a patrolling guard brigade approaching the teahouse .

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Watching Lei Jie approaching, the old ancestor Mo Li looked back and saw what the dumb Jiang Ning had done .


Qi Yu, Guyun Tower, Biyunhai, Qian Yunhai, and the four of them stared at the evil spirit Locke, who was slowly descending in the sea of ??clouds .

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The general is relieved that General Ji's cultivation base has almost recovered. It is not enough to deal with Nie Yun in Silver Valley .

However, when Jiang Ning rushed over, the scene had completely changed, and the valley seemed to have been bombed. All thirty-three sorcerers were turned into heads .

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    The violent aura of Locke's terrifying face is the living but deadly evil spirit race .

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    The guards and monsters guarding the city at the three gates of the east city gate, west city gate, and south city gate were all shocked by the scene of the sky .

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    Jiang Ning's words made Nie Yun frightened and Jiang Ning's worries about the world were far more pessimistic than Nie Yun .

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