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What does the old monk mean? I'm afraid the ghost has anything to do with my boxing skills . The young monk's frozen teeth dangled and his eyes were inadvertently saw Zhang Baihe .


Li Da clicked on the wall. Sure enough, the faint screams of these Dongchang fans kept coming. But if you talk about tossing others, it is undoubtedly an expert level. As expected, he only listened to Nancheng for a moment, and his face paled and his heart felt like a balloon. Slowly said what you want to know .

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    Bai Lian Tianjun suddenly thought that he had angered this guy in some way, and he didn't want to turn his face with this powerful monster, didn't he want to come to Dao Zun completely .

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    Li Da looked at the other side with a peripheral light as he walked, and suddenly his expression became a little weird. This tattoo on the general's body is the Diamond Sutra .

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    The wretched and brawny man raised his head and subconsciously looked at Li Da's eyes, and his whole body flicked subconsciously, but he felt that the other person's eyes were indifferent and crazily looking at him, as if he was watching an ant's survival instinct for years of procrastination .


Gai Guanyin is like a few treasures. Now, in addition to our Cao Gang, which can hold a firm foothold, including pictographic fists, in the Tangkou and provincial cities of various places, there are the Southeast Daquan System Seven Dao Beidi Boxing System Three Dao .

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    Land mergers are due to the birth of the embryonic factories, and the development of sea trade has led to the failure of the coastal sanitary system. Traditional ideas are on the verge of collapse under the raging commerce of commerce. Private merchants are holding groups to develop industrial concentration. The exploitation of Oriental Yinshan has promoted the crazy development of coastal economic and trade and even some in Li Da It seems that very crude financial scams are constantly happening .

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    As for the assassinated Yangsi Town Demon Envoy, he was quickly identified and his relatives, relatives, and superiors were swept and beheaded almost at the same time .

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    The new emperor ascended the throne and guarded all the military commanders and nobles who had to go to the capital to pay homage to the Mu family .

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    The three major boxers of Xunlongshe broke out at the same time, as strong as a storm, but in this storm a vague body shape was increasing at a speed visible to the naked eye .

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    Every time you hit the opponent with your massive boxing changes, your strength will be weakened by nine points. If it is not for your own talent and unique strength, it will lose nine points. It is stronger than the average strong man. Was killed .

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    Why did the four mages block the official's way, Li Da's gloomy way, driven by him, Xialong's momentum is like a bamboo, and the Changchun Palace is captured .

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Li Da's neatly equipped equipment, including some special weapons of Yang Si, were also changed into close-fitting black clothes with an iron-brimmed hat on his head, touching the ghost on his hand and hitting the black egg .