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It was a bit hard to kill Akamatsu at the beginning because Akamatsu's realm was too high and he was not used to fighting in such a vast universe, so he needed the fairy energy provided by the nuclear bomb to provide himself with an energy source .


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After a while, another space station flew by not far away.As for the fire-like satellites, they never disappeared in the picture .

Heart Rate Monitor

In the battleship Lieyang, he closed his eyes and thought about the whole sky chess pieces on the battleship Lieyang for so many days, mainly to deduct this plan .

Blood Pressure Manager

Zeng Ju said that you should be very clear that people like you and me can introspect and argue but turn back but it is difficult to be persuaded by others .

Alarm Alert

There is a snow-capped mountain in the sky. It is not the lonely ice peak in the depths of the snowfield or a very ordinary snow-capped mountain with a cliff on the side of the mountain .

Location Finder

Those corpses are a combination of alloy skeleton and bionic materials. The blood is a white slurry-like liquid. It turns out that this officer is a biochemical person .


As for where to store it, after leaving Chaotian Continent, his hiding place disappeared. A few days ago, he remembered the method he had used before, which was to swallow what he wanted to hide .

Camera and Bluetooth

Zhao Layue also met Mr. Dan, but none of them found that Mr. Dan was an ascendant because Mr. Dan had a way to hide his aura. The main reason was that Jing Jiu was too lazy and Zhao Layue was too loose .



The most important thing is the angle problem. The battleship is hanging directly above the crack and the flame becomes a ball. It is like the real sun that brings the hard-to-see noon sun to this street .

Camera Available

But if this cockroach infects the officers and soldiers on the battleship or the vacationers on the planet, who knows how many people will die .

Eco Friendly

Just like there is no need to eat, Jing Jiu does not need to sleep, but now he has forgotten all the Taoism, he can't meditate and feel that he needs to sleep, so he has really learned to sleep .

Readable in Sunlight

The nine frozen giant broods hung on the edge of the atmosphere without exuding any breath, but it is not known whether they are really dead .


Many early human experiments have proved that living plants survive for a period of time in the universe. Moss and certain algae survive longer.The problem is that it takes the longest time for plants to be infiltrated by the sea of ??dark matter, which completely does not meet the needs of scouts .

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The Taoist body of the fire carp had long been destroyed by True Man Bai, why its soul can always be alive in Qingtianjian .

At this moment, they seemed to feel the occurrence of this event, or the distance of that world, rushing out from the hiding place like a madness, and rushing towards the bottom of the administrative city like a tide, the momentum is extremely shocking .

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A ray of light suddenly appeared in the front, like watching a extinguished paper money suddenly burst out of a spark and light up the paper in the basin .

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The space magic weapon that can be used as the outer wall of hundreds of multiphase nuclear bombs must be the most remarkable magic weapon of the Chaotian Continent .

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For the alcoholic uncle far away in Australia, Inner Mongolia is his real hometown, although there are many grasslands on both sides .

Huanxi Monk looked back at Wushan City, which had been flooded by the dark tide, and looked at the faintly visible residential building, thinking that your Majesty should take action .

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Shen Yun flicked his finger and flicked a wine ball from the pot, opened his mouth and bit half of it, looking at the disappearing star, saying it was so beautiful .

Why does Southwest only fly 737’s?

Even the smallest light battleship on the surface of the planet is like a giant mountain to these buildings in the city .

How are interest rates adjusted?

At the end of the Thousand Miles Wind Corridor, there is not a passage leading to the underworld and it is suppressed by the scholars with a mountain .


Obviously, this high-level gravitational field generating device was deliberately transported to this planet and secretly placed on the seabed in order to open a dimensional space crack and bring in the sea of ??dark matter .


No matter what those ascending people think, since the Ran family has made a choice, they can only offer her as an ancestor .


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She told Zhao Layue that the channel data has been transmitted and the information shielding system has also been completed, but it should not be activated easily .


At this time, Jing Jiu has become a top, more accurately, it should be like an all-round self-propelled weapon launch platform without dead ends .

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