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Moreover, there may be hidden masters in the Qishan Forbidden Land . The best way is to make quick decisions without delay .

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Jiang Yiyi focused all of his attention on the silver short knife and did not hear the cry of Qing Sheng Jin Sheng .

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Li Xing Zhihai was attacked and his vitality plummeted, his face flushed, his head was swollen and painful, he seemed to want to throw Qiu Yuan's thoughts out .

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The Eastern Ghost King's words were not mixed with any moisture.Jiang Ning was only sixteen years old and had reached the Great Sacred Realm . It would be a scary existence to any sect .

The billowing thundercloud soared in an instant. The volume of the thundercloud suddenly soared dozens of times, covering the entire capital underneath .

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    Moreover, the Holy Master Modo also received the news that the special envoy of the Arctic Wanling Cave, the Saint King Wuji, also died in the Wanling Cave of the Northern Territory, and I am afraid that it will not give up .

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    Xuantian nodded. There must be no supreme fire classics saying that many ancestors of our clan have been cultivating here .

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    Suddenly, there was a white flame on the square. This time, Qiu Yuan realized that it must be a holy flame without feeling .

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