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The bloody last words of the general of Bei Zhangyuan are still in front of him. This is Daxia's eternal soul of war .


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After the spies left, Ning Chen stood quietly in the courtyard looking at the distant eyes and narrowed his eyes slightly. There was something wrong with Duke Xiyu, but I didn't know if Duke Taizhi and Duke Jingwu knew about it .

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Little Stone walked back to the mountain and ran to listen to Zhuge, dragging Yun Shisan, who had just recovered from his serious injury, and begged to take him to the Separation Hall .

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Not far from the door, several maids were scared by the movement in the house. How come they think that the empress is a gentle and virtuous person so different .

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Mingyue stepped forward and saw the beautiful shadow on the bed, and her small face flashed with surprise and asked, isn't this the oiran, you really bought her .

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These great religions and aristocratic families have no shorter time than the time of the Great Xia Li Dynasty. Once under the power of the Great Xia Invincible, these sects have been more active than they are today .


Tonight, think about it for yourself, if you feel that there is something unfinished, write it down and bury it here in the future. If you live, you will help the dead to fulfill their wishes .

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The location of the third floor of Tiandiren in Weilou has always been top secret, but I did not expect it to be found by the court. If today is not Zhiminghou but Daxia's army of conquering and suppressing Weilou, it must be doomed .



The river is very urgent but not too wide. There are dams built along the way and there will be a bridge every 100 miles. This is to facilitate the people to cross the river. When it was built, it actually cost a lot of human and financial resources .

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Fan Lingyue single-handedly pushed Da Xia to the precarious situation.This time Emperor Xia was assassinated and killed even more so that the thousand-year-old dynasty had the momentum to disintegrate .

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That day, Ning Chen told him that Daxia and Beimeng would fight again. If they couldn't fight, they would try their best to drag Daxia through the autumn and Daxia would have a 90% chance of winning .

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The Sea of ??Chaos and Fog is a very special place, like fog like the sea, walking in it is like stepping on the water .


She didn't want to be the enemy of Zhiminghou in front of her, even if Yunling Village could leave this person, it would bring great hidden dangers. Once the empress of Weiyang Palace was angry with ten Yunling Villages, it would not be enough to look at it .

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The sky lighted up and the two armies were facing the flags swaying in front of the North Mongolian formation. The nine thousand heavy riders from the man to the horse were dressed in black black armor and only showed a pair of eyes, which was extremely murderous .

The living people quickly buried the dead and dealt with them as they were about to leave, but when they saw a figure in qingyi coming to face under the moonlight and then blinking, it was ten feet before .

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The ghost aura emanating from the retreat of the ghost girl in the netherworld is getting stronger and stronger every day, which shows that the ghost girl is not far from the innate, and it is possible to set foot in it at any time .

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The soft and weak figure in front of the door was fifteen or six years old, and she was fifteen or six years old, and she was timid and timid .

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Of course, this qualification is not unlimited.Each disciple can only accept one at a time, so this number of disciples is quite precious .

At the same time, a few sword lights slashed down Ning Chen before he flashed past his back, and blood gushing out like a waterfall .

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He stayed in the underworld for too long, and his understanding of the war only stayed at the most superficial situation. Many details were not clear for a while, and he could not think of any way .

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After the other six experienced fierce confrontations, four completed the mission and left with injuries. The remaining two were unfortunately caught and crushed their hidden fangs and committed suicide .

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Hearing the former, Xia Mingri secretly breathed a sigh of relief and said that if there is any need, I will definitely cooperate with all my efforts .


No one thought it would end up like this in the end. God's will to make the war that was ridiculous had a more ridiculous ending .


Ning Chen's tone was very irritable, but there was no way that the new emperor had to be cautious in his choice. If there was another faint emperor Daxia like Xia Rui, it would be completely over .


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As a person of later generations these days, Ning Chen has suppressed his own nature every day and tried his best to help Da Xia tide over this disaster .


The road in the underworld is very dark. There is no sunlight. The only light is that the phosphorescence of the dead is very weak and almost invisible .

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