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The Martial King realm is the middle stage realm. Every breakthrough in the realm requires a big obstacle to break . Does it mean that a breakthrough can be broken .


But I don't know why maybe there are too few strong people in this life, maybe it is the accumulation of apology and guilt to Xia Yuhan in my heart that is too deep, and the loneliness and pain that are suppressed in my heart can never be dissipated .

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Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism, and even our Shenwen Academy may really have a very powerful attack power, but the Dan Academy .

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Even if Ye Qingyang is a human being, but being so admired by so many beautiful girls, he will inevitably have a different feeling in his heart .


If nothing else, Ye Qingyang reached the Martial King Realm at the age of thirteen.This is definitely a genius among geniuses .

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Just now, these guys showed off in front of the Saint Yetang gate, but he was so angry that now he was finally recovered by the young master, and naturally he would not give these guys a good face .

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This ship is indeed very convenient for Akiyama Academy, but for him, waiting for the breakthrough to a higher level is actually useless .

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Especially today, Ye Qingyang led the disciples of the Celestial Formation Academy so fast that they established the Spirit Gathering Formation in the Xiuwu Academy Royal Animal Academy and the Heavenly Formation Academy .

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Haha, if he didn't know that Ye Qingyang was Emperor Ziyang Pill, he might hesitate to find a compromise for a moment .