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And what Kriss is most proficient in is making potions, and her potion utilization effect that can increase by 20 is very normal ..

For the time being, 8,000 serfs were placed in Huahua Town and 8,000 serfs were placed in Gangkou Town, and they had not yet been assigned work and residence ..


After Liszt finished telling the story, he pressed the keys with both hands and began to play piano music that he was already familiar with ..


This further affected the girl's entire body trembling like a water wave, but it did not make the girl feel uncomfortable ..

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However, the vindictive energy in the body is still radiating to the outside world without the effect of the successful cultivation ..

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The silk thread of fate turns the smoke into a snake-like trajectory twisted together to form a snake text.Completing the task rewards the high-level vindictive cheats. The red sun rises and burns ..

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But deep down, there is also a strong desire for control, hoping to firmly grasp the smoke task instead of passively triggering the smoke task ..