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They can't defeat Ye Qingyang, but if the other disciples of Qiushan College surpassed the face of the three big temples .

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They have already learned the power of the Sea Lion Race and the Turtle Race. These tribes don't have any human formations .


Haha, this is simply the biggest joke I've heard in my life. It's ridiculous. I think Lin Cong is crazy. It's just a pipe dream to treat an ordinary human as his benefactor .

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Fortunately, they chose to follow Hai Dafu before. If they followed Hai Daquan, they might be hunting now .

Then, the aura that has been swallowed up is continuously transformed into fire and water attributes, and it also changes into a special Tai Chi Yin and Yang picture in his body .

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    Although he hadn't seen it for more than three hundred years, the voice still made him distinguish it was the voice of the Great Elder Wang Zhengtian of the Pill Temple .

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    Although the North Sea of ??the Sea is full of aura, the civilization of cultivation is far less prosperous than the human world .

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    But if you think about it carefully, the Chaos Fire Energy can rebirth along with the Cauldron of Good Fortune and obviously also has other abilities .

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