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Liu Mang stretched his waist and looked down at the young man in the crowd. Then he looked at Qiu Shanlong and his son and arched his hands .


What made him even more angry was that he felt a powerful killing intent just now, and he felt the taste of death for the first time .

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In a certain snow cave in the Ice and Snow Forest, Tang Pengfei and Nalanrong cuddled with each other, their faces were full of happiness and joy .

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Master, did we find the wrong place? After another hour, we found nothing .


This young man had an extraordinary experience and his proficiency with this Qiushan ship was far higher than mine, and this kid was the head of the eight major departments of the Qiushan Academy, whether it was a refining weapon, a god pattern, or a formation, he was very accomplished .

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Well, it should be that this young man is too handsome, and he will receive this kind of worship and admiration every day .

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For this reason, he must make every step and every detail perfect before he can be foolproof .

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Compared to other people, Qiu Shanya is well-informed, but she also has to admit that Ye Qingyang's talent is indeed enough to kill those geniuses in the four courtyards .

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Most ordinary people are in the martial arts realm. They still need the Qingchen Pill. As for the higher realm, the Qingchen Pill is used as a healing medicine. The price of a sixth-grade spirit stone is quite cheap .